Thursday, August 28, 2014

LEGO 5865 3-in-1 Offroader

This is a 3-in-1 set where three different vehicles could be built with the included bricks. The set came in a sturdy reusable plastic box very useful to keep the model safe without losing pieces. An Offroader is one of the three models could be built with this set. Green and White are the predominant brick color

The Offroader takes about 60 steps to be built, and needs easy to find bricks, like the ones used in another miniature vehicle sets

The vehicles in this set are a bit smaller in scale than a minifig, that's why isn't possible for our loved Emmet  to "drive" it. Just there isn't enough space!

This Offroader could be a competitive one, for the following reasons:
- Seems there are two seated or there are no windows for the passengers!
- The trunk doesn't have a window too, and seems closed
- Lights mounted on top of the vehicle

An easy to build model, fun to play and very robust!

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